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Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips from Industry Experts – Redfin

 Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips from Industry Experts – Redfin

Article originally published by Redfin

It’s safe to say that most homeowners dream of renovating their kitchen. Whether it’s redoing the cabinetry, adding a new backsplash, or transforming the entire layout – a new kitchen will not only make the space more pleasant to be in, but it can also add functionality and increase your home’s value.

As exciting as the renovation process might be, it can also feel daunting. That’s why we reached out to remodeling and renovation experts for their best advice to help you get started. Be sure to check out these 12 tips before you begin renovating your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling

  1. Maximize your kitchen storage with cabinetry  

When renovating your kitchen, there are countless ways you can maximize kitchen storage with your cabinetry. Replace the baseboards of your bottom cabinets with toe-kick cabinets. Not only are you increasing your kitchen storage but you’re also adding a modern and functional touch to your space. – NV Kitchen & Bath


  1. When remodeling your kitchen, plan for functionality

Lower drawer bases work great for storing heavy pots and pans and minimizing extensive bending over. Look into accessories and features like a motorized trash drawer that bumps open with the touch of your knee when your hands are full. – TEKRA Builders

  1. Kitchens require optimal thought, beautiful design, and an element of practicality

It’s all about planning. Layout, lighting, and cabinetry placement are critical. We like to have under cabinet, task, and floor lighting plans from the concept stage in kitchens we design. Great lighting is something everyone can appreciate. It can change the mood from bright to subtle and romantic, a far cry from the overly bright kitchens of the past. – Conrad Asturi Studios

  1. Don’t get overly concerned about the corners


Corners in kitchens just exist. There’s nothing to be done about it. Some customers think they may find some magic solution to eliminate or “maximize” the corner. Sometimes the simpler solution is the best one. Don’t spend too much time and money trying to use the corner, it’s just going to end up full of mismatched container lids no matter what you do. – Native Oak

  1. Plan for the future

If you plan on aging in place, think about the ” elderly you.” You would want roll-out trays and large drawers to keep pots and pans handy, and to find all the ingredients to make great meals, without the stress of having to search for essentials. – Premium Cabinets


  1. Be open to alternatives (without compromising)

You may have your heart set on high-end countertops. But your budget may say “no.” In this case, you may need to consider alternatives that deliver the performance you want that is within your budget. Or, you may think the only way to get the extra space you want in your kitchen is to push out the exterior wall. You may be able to make your kitchen more efficient (and make it feel larger) for less of an investment. – A-Z Construction Solutions

  1. Opt for finished bottom wall cabinets when renovating your kitchen

Select a cabinet manufacturer that provides finished bottom wall cabinets to match the door color. It’s the small details in every kitchen design that makes all the difference. Unfinished bottom wall cabinets are unsightly and challenging to fix. Most custom cabinetry manufacturers offer finished bottom wall cabinets as part of their elevated standard offering. – Wellsford Fine Custom Cabinetry


  1. Remember that you will not have a kitchen during the remodel

TV shows make an entire home remodel happen in less than 30 minutes, when in reality, a full kitchen remodel will take about 30 days. Plan during the spring, summer, or fall so that you can grill outside or safely enjoy dining outside at a restaurant. Break out your camping gear and plan to set up your temporary kitchen space in another part of your home. Instapots, air fryers, toaster ovens, and crockpots are also great tools to use. Your contractor should temporarily relocate your fridge (while protecting the floor underneath) so that you have access to food storage during the renovation. – Clarksville Construction

  1. Be thoughtful when choosing stained or painted cabinetry

Most consumers are choosing painted cabinetry over its stained counterpart. One of the biggest issues homeowners don’t take into consideration when choosing painted cabinetry is that over time, there will be visible hairline/joint cracks along with the areas where the doors and drawer fronts are pieced together. This is not avoidable if choosing solid wood doors and drawer fronts, as wood does contract and expand with changes to temperature and humidity. Homeowners need to be mindful of this characteristic so there are no surprises in the future. – Luxurable Kitchen & Bath


  1. You need a prep sink with a drainboard

Today’s kitchens are larger and should have at least two zones. One for cooking with access to the prep sink, refrigeration, and cooktop, range, or oven, and a second zone for cleanup with a separate large single bowl deep sink near the dishwasher. A prep sink with a drainboard allows you to clean food and lets any water drain to the sink as you prep other food nearby. When renovating your kitchen, position your prep sink as part of a cooking work triangle, and keep the flow paths separate from the cleanup zone. – Motionspace Architecture and Design

  1. Update your appliances wisely

Outdated appliances can impact the functionality of your kitchen, which can be a huge inconvenience for current homeowners or future buyers. Finding spare parts and paying for an endless array of repairs can quickly add up in the long run. Some reliable essentials that your kitchen should include a dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and garbage disposal. If you’re craving some extras to upgrade your cooking, it can pay off to invest in small gadgets and appliances, such as a rice cooker. As well as perfectly cooking rice and a variety of grains, rice cookers can also make tasty desserts and steamed vegetables. – MLM Incorporated


  1. Create one focal point when renovating your kitchen

If you choose an ornate title, an over-the-top range hood, bright cabinets, fancy handles, and knobs – it just creates a kitchen that looks way too busy. – RJL Home Remodeling


  1. You don’t need a kitchen table anymore

Creating an oversized island with plenty of seating allows you to ditch the kitchen table for an inclusive seating area in your kitchen. Friends and family love to gather around an island, so incorporating more seating into the center of the kitchen is the perfect answer. – Steller Construction 


Originally published by Redfin

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