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Poughkeepsies First Rooftop Bar for Zeus Brewing Co.

Zeus Brewing is Hudson Valley’s newest brewery, that opened in January 2020. We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to build the brewery’s rooftop bar. The goal was to create something classy yet durable enough to withstand 4 seasons in upstate New York.


The rooftop is currently open for dining and drinks. Check out the Zeus Brewing website to book a reservation.

<noscript><img decoding=async class= wp image 1453 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0511 300x200jpg alt= width=750 height=500 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0511 300x200jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0511 1024x682jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0511 768x512jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0511 1536x1023jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0511 2048x1365jpg 2048w sizes=max width 750px 100vw 750px ><noscript> Panoramic views of the Hudson River from the rooftop bar at Zeus Brewing Company Photo Whitewater Imagery


Zeus Brewing rooftop bar in Hudson Valley
<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1452 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0510 300x200jpg alt=Zeus Brewing rooftop bar in Hudson Valley width=721 height=480 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0510 300x200jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0510 1024x682jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0510 768x512jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0510 1536x1023jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0510 2048x1365jpg 2048w sizes=max width 721px 100vw 721px ><noscript> Zeus Brewing rooftop bar built by TEKRA Builders


Panelized Construction

In order to minimize construction time and disturbance to the brewery’s everyday operations, we prebuilt this 25’ bar entirely in our workshop. We then transported each of the parts up to the rooftop through an elevator and assembled it together.


Designing the bar front in Google Sketchup allowed us to walkthrough the design in 3D. As a result, we were able to plan out how we would hide the seams of the panels to eliminate exposed fasteners.

<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1463 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads202008Screenshot 2020 08 03 224011 300x187png alt= width=585 height=365 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008Screenshot 2020 08 03 224011 300x187png 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008Screenshot 2020 08 03 224011 1024x638png 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008Screenshot 2020 08 03 224011 768x479png 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008Screenshot 2020 08 03 224011 1536x957png 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008Screenshot 2020 08 03 224011 2048x1277png 2048w sizes=max width 585px 100vw 585px ><noscript> The rooftop bar designed in Google Sketchup


<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1445 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1857 Edit 300x200jpg alt= width=807 height=538 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1857 Edit 300x200jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1857 Edit 1024x683jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1857 Edit 768x512jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1857 Edit 1536x1024jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1857 Edit 2048x1365jpg 2048w sizes=max width 807px 100vw 807px ><noscript> We constructed the bar front in four panelized pieces in order to fit in the elevator



Materials to Withstand the Elements


The weather in upstate New York can be unpredictable. Summer highs can reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows dropping below freezing for weeks at a time. We took this into consideration by choosing durable, low maintenance materials that could withstand the elements.


The recessed paneling on the bar front is constructed entirely out of Versatex PVC sheets, trim boards and moldings. PVC does not rot, crack, split or warp and does not wick moisture. Additionally, Versatex backs their products with a lifetime warranty.  Learn more about it on our blog, Pros and Cons of PVC Trim.

Thermometer measuring Aquasurtech black paint
<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1467 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2585 300x225jpg alt=Thermometer measuring Aquasurtech black paint width=515 height=386 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2585 300x225jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2585 1024x768jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2585 768x576jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2585 1536x1152jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2585 2048x1536jpg 2048w sizes=max width 515px 100vw 515px ><noscript> Thermometer measuring black PVCV surface painted with AquaSurtech D100 paint


Thermometer measuring white PVC surface
<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1468 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2586 300x225jpg alt=Thermometer measuring white PVC surface width=508 height=381 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2586 300x225jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2586 1024x768jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2586 768x576jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2586 1536x1152jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2586 2048x1536jpg 2048w sizes=max width 508px 100vw 508px ><noscript> Thermometer measuring white PVCV surface painted with AquaSurtech D100 paint

In order to minimize the issues of expansion and contraction due to heat absorption, we opted to use a water-based coating by AquaSurtech. The unique part about this paint is its heat reflectance, which allows you to paint the PVC dark colors, and it will reflect heat as if it is painted white. You can see in the photos above taken on a 95-degree day in mid-July, the temperature of the black surface never exceeded ten degrees more than the white PVC. Check out more on their website, here.

Panelized Construction
<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1465 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2241 300x225jpg alt=Panelized Construction width=608 height=456 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2241 300x225jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2241 1024x768jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2241 768x576jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2241 1536x1152jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008IMG 2241 2048x1536jpg 2048w sizes=max width 608px 100vw 608px ><noscript> Panelized bar sections in the spray booth


The bar top material for this project was Dekton by Consentino, which is one of the highest quality quartz surfaces. It uses a sophisticated blend of raw materials that combines porcelain and glass to great a very hard, durable, and low-maintenance product. It is one of the only materials on the market that is backed with a manufacturer’s warranty for exterior applications. Learn more about the material on the company’s website, here.


Durability was at the forefront of our design and will allow the brewery to enjoy the rooftop bar for years to come.


<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1430 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1842 300x200jpg alt= width=741 height=494 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1842 300x200jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1842 1024x683jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1842 768x512jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1842 1536x1024jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1842 2048x1365jpg 2048w sizes=max width 741px 100vw 741px ><noscript> Dekton bartop a revolutionary quartz surface made from porcelain and glass to withstand the elements


Lettering & Logo

In order to fabricate the letters and Zeus Brewery logo out of 1-1/2” PVC, we teamed up with Executive Architectural Millwork based out of  Ronkonkoma, New York on Long Island. The team at Executive specialize in creating precise architectural elements out of PVC and MDF using their state-of-the-art CNC cutting  machine.


You can check out more of their work on their website, here.

3D PVC lettering on bar
<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1450 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1865 Edit 300x200jpg alt=3D PVC lettering on bar width=645 height=430 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1865 Edit 300x200jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1865 Edit 1024x683jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1865 Edit 768x512jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1865 Edit 1536x1024jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1865 Edit 2048x1365jpg 2048w sizes=max width 645px 100vw 645px ><noscript> 3D lettering CNC cut out of 1 12 Versatex PVC sheets


Zeus Brewing Logo on brick wall
<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1439 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1851 200x300jpg alt=Zeus Brewing Logo on brick wall width=509 height=764 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1851 200x300jpg 200w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1851 683x1024jpg 683w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1851 768x1152jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1851 1024x1536jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1851 1365x2048jpg 1365w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads2020084L9A1851 scaledjpg 1707w sizes=max width 509px 100vw 509px ><noscript> Zeus Brewing logo completes the design on the brick wall behind the bar


Drone photo capturing the Zeus rooftop bar looking northwest.
<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1461 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0519 300x200jpg alt=Drone photo capturing the Zeus rooftop bar looking northwest width=783 height=522 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0519 300x200jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0519 1024x682jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0519 768x512jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0519 1536x1023jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0519 2048x1365jpg 2048w sizes=max width 783px 100vw 783px ><noscript> Drone photo capturing the Zeus rooftop bar looking northwest


Drone picture of Zeus Brewing rooftop bar
<noscript><img loading=lazy decoding=async class= wp image 1451 lazyload src=httpsstaging2TEKRAbuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0509 300x200jpg alt=Drone picture of Zeus Brewing rooftop bar width=584 height=389 srcset=httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0509 300x200jpg 300w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0509 1024x682jpg 1024w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0509 768x512jpg 768w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0509 1536x1023jpg 1536w httpswwwtekrabuilderscomwp contentuploads202008DJI 0509 2048x1365jpg 2048w sizes=max width 584px 100vw 584px ><noscript> Drone photo capturing the rooftop bar and terrace
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