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Murphy Bed Added to Existing Built-Ins

On this project in Rhinebeck, NY we were challenged with converting an existing entertainment system to have a Murphy bed built into it. The goal was to make the cabinetry appear as if it was originally designed to incorporate the wall bed.

A queen-sized murphy bed built into basement man cave.

This basement features a queen bed that folds out from the wall.



For this project, we were brought on by the Art of Building, a design-build firm based out of Rhinebeck. They developed a beautiful redesign of the existing built-ins that encompassed some of the paneling details of the adjacent cabinetry.


You can check out more of the Art of Building’s work on their website, www.theartofbuilding.net.

A hand sketch of the cabinetry layout for the wall bed built-ins.

An initial sketch done by the Art of Building, showing how the woodworking laid out.

Background on Wall Beds


Most often when you see a wall bed, it is coined as a “Murphy Bed.” Murphy is one of the original, and most well-known brands of these beds, but not all wall beds are Murphy brand.


A wall bed is an excellent way to add a place to sleep, but not have the bed take up the floor space when it’s not in use. Wall beds hinge from the specialty hardware on the bottom, and hinge up into a cavity that houses the mattress when it’s stored.


Murphy beds are easy to use and very safe. The hardware we used was from German manufacturer called Hafele. Hafele is well-known for creating beatifically crafted architectural hardware. This unit has small little feet that rotate out when you pull the bed down, making it smooth and easy to operate.

A murphy bed in the closed position with entertainment center and built in shelving.

The wall bed in the closed position.

A murphy bed in the open position with entertainment center and built in shelving.

The wall bed in the open position.

Biggest Benefits to Murphy Beds

  • Provide ample storage space
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and Convenient
  • Aesthetically pleasing when folded up
  • Add value to your home, even after resale
A murphy bed in the open position in basement man cave with curved stone wall.

Side view of the built-in queen bed.

Design Challenges


The biggest challenge on this project was making the built-in cabinetry appear as if it was designed with a wall bed in the first place.


We built a box to house the mattress when it’s folded up. This ended up being about 20” deep, fitting a queen sized mattress. Taking into account the concrete wall behind it, as well as the adjacent uprights on the shelving units, we built out two columns that projected out. This was limited by the box dimensions required by the hinging hardware.

Before image of entertainment center built-ins.

Before image of the previous entertainment center.

Hidden Book Nook


With each project we do, we try and think of the way the clients’ will use the space. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the end user, we are able to think outside of the box (no pun intended). Taking advantage of opportunities that arise during the construction process can really help improve the final product.


Since we had the added room on each side, we incorporated a little nook on each side of the bed. These were accessible only when the bed was folded down. Each one houses a USB-enabled outlet, allowing you to charge your phone overnight. It provides a perfect little nightstand for your book or jewelry.

Cubby for storing books and charging phone incorporated into cabinetry.

Book cubby built into frame of bed with a USB outlet.


A murphy bed in the open position in basement man cave with curved stone wall.

Additional storage above bed for storing items.

Final Thoughts


Built-ins and custom woodworking can add functionality and visual appeal to any space. Wall beds are perfect for tight spaces where you want to save floor room or accommodate a growing extended family. As your family grows and needs change, adapting your house to creating a home can be a truly rewarding process.


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