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Meet The TEKRA Team – Art Zegers



Arty, Arthur, Arty #5, Arty Ploppers, Artimus Maximus


Hobbies Outside work:

“Hiking, fishing, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors with my wife and kids.”


Past Experience/Background:

“Before working in the trades, I was just starting a career in the field of Civil Engineering. I made the switch because working with my hands was personally more fulfilling.”


What the Team Says about him:

“He’s not afraid to jump into any task, big or small. Always a great teacher to me with new content.”

“Great carpenter, great taper. Hell of a story teller.”

“An all-around great guy who’s wiser than his years. Hardworking, respectful, and always trying to master his craft.”

“Very bright and methodical in they way he works.”

Team Superlative:

Most likely to find live animals in the hood of his car.


What do you enjoy about working in the construction industry?

“I enjoy the team aspect of construction. It’s exciting to work in an environment where everyone is depending on each other in such a tangible way to get the job done.”


What is your favorite thing to do in the construction industry?

“I enjoy working on the small things that require time and effort to make perfect, even though customers may not always notice.”


Best advice you were ever given?

“Listen and absorb because the worst thing you can tell someone is “I know that already”. Everyone you with offers an opportunity to learn.”


Favorite food:

“My wife’s chicken curry pot pie!”


Favorite sports team:

Buffalo Bills


Favorite part about working at TEKRA:

“My favorite part of working at TEKRA is the fact that I so easily lose track of time working with the team. My watch is not a countdown clock, but a reminder that I should have left for home already.”


Best advice for someone who is looking to get into the trades?

“Same as the best advice that was given to me!”


What advice would you give to someone who is considering a home remodel or building a new home?

“Decide what you want, create a clear vision, and let us help you make it become a reality!”


Favorite movie:

Lord of the Rings


Favorite show:

The Great British Bake-Off


Favorite holiday:



Favorite thing about living in the Hudson valley:

“Small historic towns, cideries”


Favorite HV Restaurant:

Curry House – Carmel, NY.


What is the #1 thing on your bucket list?

“Traveling to at least 2 countries in every continent.”


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Dan Arket