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Meet The TEKRA Team – Esteban Burtica Bedoya



Este, Garbanzo beans


Hobbies Outside work:

Fixing up my truck, driving around and finding good places to eat with my girlfriend.


Past Experience/Background:

Been swinging a hammer as long as I could remember. Attended the construction trades program at Dutchess BOCCES CTI.


What the Team Says about him:

“He is by far the most meticulous member next to Dan. Loves trim and tile work!”

“Fun to work with! He has a positive attitude and a sharp sense of humor.”

“Meticulous and intelligent, sometimes a little too smart for his own good!”

“Very driven for a young guy in the field who is coming to be a tile master!”


Team Superlative:

Most likely to walk across freshly polyurethaned hardwood floors.  


What do you enjoy about working in the construction industry?

“Satisfaction of seeing months of hard working coming together to finish a project.”


What is your favorite thing to do in the construction industry?

“Working on fine details and making sure the final product is perfect.”


Best advice you were ever given?

“It’s OK to make mistakes, as long as you take responsibility for them.”


Favorite food:

“Tacos, burritos, you really can’t go wrong with Mexican food.”


Favorite sports team:

Colombian Soccer Team


Favorite part about working at TEKRA:

“It’s always a good vibe and I feel truly valued as an employee.”


Best advice for someone who is looking to get into the trades?

“Work hard, don’t be afraid to ask for help and be proud of your work.”


What advice would you give to someone who is considering a home remodel or building a new home?

“Plan for things to go smoothly, but be prepared for if they don’t.”


Favorite movie:



Favorite show:

“Tossup between Scrubs and Married with Children”


Favorite holiday:



Favorite thing about living in the Hudson valley:

“All the wonderful sights and views.”


Favorite HV Restaurant:

Tamarind – Wappingers, NY


What is the #1 thing on your bucket list?

“Traveling to at least 2 countries in every continent.”


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Dan Arket