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Home Protection And Cleanliness

Treating your home like it’s ours

Most homeowners fear the disruption associated with remodeling and renovating, so we’re committed to be the least intrusive to your home and routine as possible.

Whether it’s a working or non-working day, extreme care should be taken throughout the process. We’ve invested heavily in some of the best dust management equipment available to protect you and your family.


Throughout the course of the project, all finished surfaces will be protected. This includes padded floor protection and protective coverings on easy-to-damage surfaces such as door jambs or bath tubs.

If we are required to walk through the house to access the project area, the pathway will be protected entirely and clean daily or protective booties will be worn.


With the operating of power tools and especially when demolition is involved, the working area can get messy. We address this by using a 360-degree air scrubber, which creates negative air pressure inside the space. The stale air passes through a HEPA filter and is
exhausted to the outside through a window.

With any dust producing power tools, HEPA vacuums are used to keep the indoor air quality a top priority during the renovation. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, which are known to trap 99.97% of particulates in the air.


Dust barriers and containment systems are used to sanction off the working area to prevent any dust from traveling to other parts of the home.

Coupled with the HEPA vacuums and air scrubber, we are able to contain a vast majority of the dust and prevent it from intruding on your space. Although we cannot guarantee some dust won’t escape into other parts of the home, we do our best to try.

With the dust containment walls, we use magnetic doors that allow you to pass through hands-free. These allow you to easily access the space and other areas of your home so your routine is not affected.


Ultimately, a clean work environment is a safe work environment. Cleanliness increases productivity on our end and allows our team and your family to remain safe.

We take great pride in protecting your investment from start to finish.

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Dan Arket