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Blue Kitchen Designed for Functionality

On this kitchen renovation project in Rhinebeck, NY the goal was to update and expand the existing kitchen space for the homeowners to enjoy long into retirement. Functionality and aesthetics were at the forefront of the decision-making process and the results are nothing short of unique!

Blue kitchen with white quartz countertops and subway backsplash

Taking down a wall allowed for a big expansion of this kitchen.



For this kitchen remodel, we teamed up with Thorin Moss, of Oakenshield Kitchens. He is a cabinet designer and supplier based out of Poughkeepsie, NY. Oakenshield handled the sourcing and design of the cabinetry, hardware and countertops.


You can check out more of Thorin’s work on their website, www.oakenshieldkitchens.com.

Old outdated kitchen with brown cabinets and formica countertops

Before photo of the original kitchen.

Old outdated kitchen with brown wood cabinets and wall

Before photo of the oringal kitchen showing the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room.

Design Challenges & Inspiration


The old kitchen was dark, outdated and felt closed-in. To brighten things up and add additional cabinetry space, we removed a non-load-bearing wall that separated the kitchen and the dining room.


Oakenshield chose to extend the cabinetry crown molding close to the ceiling, which helped the space feel more expansive and open. The deep wood tones in the flooring and trim, combined with the deep blue of the cabinetry, make the space feel rustic yet sharp.

Features and Selections




The cabinetry selected featured quite a few deep drawers in the base cabinets. In comparison to typical doors on the bases, the drawers minimize the need to bend over as much. Equipped with heavy duty drawer slides, the drawers can easily be used for storing pots and pans.


The cabinetry color is called “Moscow Midnight” by Sherwin Williams.


Blue cabinets, hardwood floors and stainless appliances

Eliminating a wall allowed for a new peninsula and lots of cabinetry.

Blue cabinets with white countertops and beveled subway backsplash

This kitchen features plenty of usable countertop space.

Pots and pans in lower base cabinet drawers

Drawers equipped with heavy duty drawer slides, perfect for pots and pans.

Blue kitchen cabinets with iron hardware handles

The cabinet hardware helps complete the look and feel of this kitchen.


Long cabinet handles on blue cabinets with white beveled subway backsplash

The base drawers are equipped with long, beefy handles.

Integrated Laundry Area


The original kitchen had the washer and dryer housed in a closet adjacent to the main kitchen area. The homeowners chose to keep the laundry room in the same spot for its convenience. The appearance improves drastically by incorporating it into a pantry. Instead of purchasing a costly custom cabinet to house the washer and dryer, we worked with Thorin to use stock components to create the appearance that the washer and dryer were built in.


Removing the closet door for the laundry area allowed the addition of two pantry cabinets to flank the washer and dryer. These provide ample storage and convenience with pull out drawers.

Washer and dryer built into cabinetry with fridge.

Stackable washer and dryer flanked by two pantry cabinets.

Appliance Package


The appliances in this kitchen were selected with functionality in mind. The double wall oven, equipped with roll-out drawers, makes entertaining a breeze, without breaking your back. The sleep cooktop allows for drawers below and plenty of adjacent countertop space. The washer and dryer built into the pantry creates the enjoyment of not having to go down into the basement to wash your clothes.


Double wall oven, range hood and stainless steel fridge.

Stainless steel appliances give this kitchen a clean, updated look.

Freestanding range hood on beveled subway backsplash tile.

LED lights on the range hood allow for perfect cooking illumination.

Rustic chandelier with dining room table and blue kitchen

Removing a wall allowed for the dining room to blend into the kitchen.

Final Thoughts


Having a carefully designed kitchen can really increase your overall enjoyment and experience with the space. When planning your next remodel, it’s important to take into account what you value the most. Whether that means functionality, convenience, maintenance, or just pure aesthetic, thinking through solutions beforehand can help create a better final result.


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