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High-End Bathroom Remodeling In Millbrook, NY

Unlock Your Bathroom's Potential With A Remodel

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Rejuvenate Your Millbrook Bathroom And Enjoy A Spa-Like Experience

Elevate your daily routine by transforming your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. With a bathroom remodel, you can incorporate soothing elements such as a steam shower, a freestanding tub, or even a built-in sauna to create a serene escape. Imagine unwinding in a beautifully designed space that promotes relaxation and self-care after a long day.

Our Millbrook team will work with you to craft the perfect bathroom remodel that caters to your preferences and needs. Take the opportunity to indulge in a luxurious spa-like experience every day.

Popular Upgrades For Bathroom Remodeling In Millbrook

Heated Flooring

Built-In Shower Benches

Storage Upgrades

Steam Showers

Premium Tile Selections

Custom Cabinetry

Modernize Your Outdated Millbrook Bathroom

Don’t let your outdated bathroom decrease the value of your Millbrook home. By reimagining your bathroom’s layout and incorporating modern fixtures, innovative storage solutions, and updated materials, you’ll create a beautiful and highly functional space.

Let’s design a bathroom that maximizes your space and aligns with your style. Embrace the opportunity to unlock your bathroom’s full potential with a stunning remodel.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Portfolio

Explore our portfolio to find inspiration for your dream home.

Bathroom Remodeling Pricing

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*Prices and timelines are averages and may vary depending on the size of your project and the materials used. You will get an exact quote for your unique project after the on-site consultation.

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Our Process

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Frequently Asked Questions For Bathroom Remodeling In Millbrook

Will our daily routine be dramatically impacted during the renovation?

During your remodel, we try our best to be the least intrusive as possible to your lifestyle and daily routine. If the bathroom being redone is the only one in your house, we’ll do what we can to keep it functioning as long as possible and schedule with that in mind.


We will set up dust barriers and air scrubbers to help minimize the disturbance in other parts of the home. We will seek to use alternate entrances where possible and protect any floors as needed. (Check out our blog on Home Protection & Cleanliness).

To prevent moisture problems in your Millbrook bathroom, we suggest installing a high-powered bath fan that exhausts air to the exterior. If you tend to take steamy showers, leave the bath fan running after your shower for at least 30-60 minutes.

Another suggestion would be to get your water tested. Sediment and contaminants in your water can cause discoloration to your shower or fixtures, leaving a hard-to-clean maintenance problem. See our blog on Getting Your Water Tested. Choose non-porous materials where possible, which do not trap moisture and prevent bacteria from building up.

We highly suggest involving an interior designer for your project. They not only help with the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, but they maximize the functionality to fit your lifestyle.

Homeowners are often overwhelmed with the many decisions and details involved with transforming just a small space. Having a team to guide you makes the process a lot more relaxing and enjoyable.


During the design stage of your project, we’ll pair you with an architect or designer that best fits your needs. You will be able to meet at various design showrooms to see selections in person for tile, vanities, fixtures, and more. Designers are experts in pairing materials that look natural together and choosing ones that will pair well with your lifestyle.

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