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5 Mistakes Homeowners Make During a Remodel or Renovation

Read this before DIY’ing your project or hiring someone to do it for you.

Choosing to remodel your home is a large investment in both your time and your money, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

Here’s 5 remodeling mistakes to avoid so you can get the most out of your space for years to come.

Mistake #1. Not thinking about functionality

Making a space look pretty is the easy part. Making a space feel and function as if its uniquely
your own, that’s where a little more thought is involved.

Before you even begin demolition, take time to feel out the space; think about how YOU will use it. For example, in bathroom remodels, plan out where the accessories will be mounted to get the most functionality out of them. It may make more sense to “have the door swing this way and the towel hook here.” The rough-in stage (See article) is a great time to do this because you can put added blocking and supports behind the wall board for a solid connection.

Another example, especially if you have children, is to consider a mudroom area that’s functional and beautiful. Built-ins with a bench and cubbies are a great way to help keep your things organized and prevent tracking mud through the house.

Mistake #2. Making decisions solely on price and not value

Quality is almost always directly related to price. Often, the more you pay for something up front, the longer it will last and the more use you will get out of it so be sure to take into factors such as how long you plan to live in the space, and how much use it will get.

When costs and corners are cut, the results may not show up for years to come.

Related to this would be making choices purely based on “resale value.” If you plan to live in the house for life, why would you sacrifice your quality of life just based on a little extra cash in your pocket years down the line?

Mistake #3. Just thinking about what’s on the surface

This is especially true with new construction, but it’s important to consider the quality of materials that are behind the walls. Insulation and air-sealing are important for energy efficiency, sound control and comfort. Check out our other article on a great product to help with insulating and sound dampening (Stone Wool Insulation).

Investing in the building envelope can be a tough choice. Once it’s covered up, you probably won’t see it for decades. Studies have shown that homeowners will likely remodel the finishes of a bathroom or kitchen before they redo the envelope of the home so the investment produces returns for years to come.

Mistake #4. Not considering longevity and future maintenance

Similar to Tip #2, a lot of homeowners care too much about how something looks in the present when its installed, and not how it will look a couple years from now or the required maintenance of the products or materials.

Consider low-maintenance alternatives for building materials. They will give you happiness for years and prevent you from making another costly investment in the near future. Elements that stay looking good down the line give you the most return for what you paid and help with resale value too.

Mistake #5. Not thinking about future renovations

It’s crazy to think that the choices you make on your remodel can actually save you money on future remodels you may do.

If you have any thoughts on areas you plan to remodel or expand in the future, even if they are 10 years down the line, relay those to your contractor. Knowing this, he or she can help plan for future, which may help not having to open up walls or do work a second time. You’ll thank me later!

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Dan Arket